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  • Guide MultiVersus: All Free Characters You Can Play Right Now

    MultiVersus' current free character rotation schedule

    Looking for all free characters you can play right now in MultiVersus? Despite being a free-to-play game, you'll need to unlock most of the characters using Fighter Currency or some other method. However, four characters are made available to everyone for free without the need to purchase them...

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  • News Astro Bot Is the 'Biggest' Game Team ASOBI Has Ever Made

    Players will have a "renewed experience" every 10 minutes

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission, the PSVR exclusive outing, was a full-length adventure – but the upcoming Astro Bot on PS5 will kick things up a notch. Speaking exclusively with Entertainment Weekly, studio head Nicolas Doucet revealed that his team wanted to make a “big game” – in fact,...

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