Suicide Squad Hogwarts Legacy Warner Bros Revenue

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was meant to be a smash hit for Warner Bros. The latest game from lauded Batman Arkham studio Rocksteady, it was in development for close to a decade, finally releasing a few months back, in February. But it goes without saying that things haven't gone to plan. Relative to the publisher's immense expectations, the co-op shooter has been nothing short of a disaster — and that's now being fully reflected in Warner Bros' financials.

Year-on-year, the company has taken a $200 million hit to its Q1 revenue following Suicide Squad's floundering. That's because back in February 2023, it launched Hogwarts Legacy — which would go on to become the best-selling release of the year. Suicide Squad didn't even come close to emulating that level of success.

It's a cautionary tale, really. While Hogwarts Legacy obviously has the weight of a colossal franchise behind it in Harry Potter, it's a single-player action adventure — the kind of title that big publishers have been so desperate to distance themselves from. Suicide Squad, meanwhile, is a live service shooter that's built to keep players hooked for who knows how long. Only one of them has made Warner Bros a ludicrous amount of money.

What do you make of all this? When will Warner Bros reveal the inevitable live service Harry Potter game? Leave the Justice League alone in the comments section below.