Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 Multiplayer

It's yet to be confirmed by developer or publisher, but it's looking like Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 will have an online player-versus-player mode, much like its predecessor. This is according to YouTube channel prdalien0, who's managed to get hold of the sequel's official art book months ahead of Space Marine 2's release on the 9th September. Said art book has a few pages that are dedicated to the multiplayer component — simply titled 'PVP'-- showcasing factions and character classes.

If this leak is accurate — and PvP hasn't somehow been cut since publishing — then we'd expect the mode to be announced in the near future. Space Marine 2 will likely feature during one of this summer's gaming events.

The thing is, both PvP and PvE offerings were potentially leaked last year, when a page on the game's website temporarily mentioned "PvE and PvP modes". This new leak obviously adds more weight to that, but we'll still need out-and-out confirmation before getting too excited. It's also worth noting that Space Marine 2's campaign features an online co-op option, for up to three players.

Would you like to see Space Marine 2 bring multiplayer back? What do you actually want from such a mode? Rev those chainswords in the comments section below.

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