XDefiant PS5 Release Date

First announced back in 2021, XDefiant now has a confirmed release date on PS5. The free-to-play shooter, developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, recently wrapped up a bunch of open sever tests, and now it's ready to fully deploy on the 21st May.

The launch version will include five playable factions — including Dedsec from Watch Dogs — 14 maps, five game modes, and 24 weapons. A 'Year 1 Roadmap' has also been revealed, promising new modes, maps, and weapons across multiple seasons. There are seasonal battle passes as well, in case you were wondering.

We went hands on with XDefiant almost a whole year ago, and our takeaway was that it'll struggle to stand out in what can be an unforgiving multiplayer space, despite being quite fun to actually play. Obviously, a long time has passed since then, so we're hoping that the project's made some real progress.

Will you be giving XDefiant a shot later this month? Continue to question that name in the comments section below.

[source ubisoft.com]