Dragon Age Dreadwolf Reveal Release Date

Earlier this year, reports of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf did the rounds, complete with claims that it would finally be releasing in 2024. And now, Eurogamer is backing that up. The BioWare RPG is one of two "unannounced" titles that publisher EA has lined up in for this financial year, and we already know a full Dreadwolf reveal is happening this summer. It's about time!

It seems likely that the sequel — which fans have been waiting close to a decade for — will pop up at Summer Game Fest, beginning on the 7th June. The suspicion is that we'll finally get a release date wherever Dreadwolf appears.

Of course, we're also yet to see the game in action — which is crazy when you stop and think about it. As such, we expect this summer reveal to be a blowout. Let's hope that all of this waiting pays off in the end.

Are you looking forward to actually seeing Dragon Age: Dreadwolf? What are your hopes and dreams for the game at this point? Make or break in the comments section below.

[source eurogamer.net]