Enotria: The Last Song PS5 PlayStation

Enotria: The Last Song is a sun-dappled Souls-Like inspired by the mythology of the ancient Enotrians, a wine and theatre-loving people who thrived in Southern Italy two millennia ago. It stands out compared to other entries in the increasingly crowded genre thanks to its sunny aesthetic, and courtesy of IGN, developer Jyamma Games has released a 15-minute gameplay overview trailer.

Slightly delayed, from 21st August to 19th September, Jyamma must be feeling confident, as an eight-hour-long playable demo has been promised for PS5. You can dive in imminently, with the lengthy look dropping on 22nd May.

Expect stamina-based combat in a world full of untold mysteries, populated by fearsome enemies and strange allies. Jyamma boasts that there are over 120 weapons spread across eight distinct categories and that as a gameplay-focused experience, special attention has been paid to the combat system, which purports to be faster than much of Fromsoftware's catalogue. Further, Enotria allows players to create loadouts and switch between specific builds when necessary, which should cut down on excessive inventory fiddling.

What do you think of Enotria: The Last Song? Are you still excited by the prospect of more Souls-Like action, or have you played one too many imitators? Let us know in the comments section below.

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