We rather like the look of #DRIVE Rally, a stylised spin on rally racing that's heading onto PS5 in the future. Announced last year, we now know it's still a ways off, coming to consoles sometime in 2025, but it looks pretty promising.

As the new trailer above shows, it'll be heading to PC before that, launching in early access in the fall of 2024. So, there will be a way to play it sooner, but the finished game won't make it out until next year.

#DRIVE Rally looks to offer the A-to-B rally racing that fans of the motorsport know and love, but it adopts a less realistic art style and features far more forgiving handling than your typical rally sim. Featuring a short-tempered co-driver that'll call you out on mistakes, it looks like it'll be a lot of fun, and a neat alternative from its more straight-faced stablemates.

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