Polychroma Games has announced its Philippines-inspired PS5 story game Until Then will launch next month on 25th June 2024. Releasing slap bang between Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and Final Fantasy XIV DLC Dawntrail, the experience offers something different in the aftermath of a worldwide tragedy. It's not new, but you can watch a trailer above for a more visual introduction. It'll cost $19.99.

Here's the plot setup: "In a world still recovering from catastrophe, Mark Borja and his friends navigate the joys and woes of another year of high school. Wake up in a typical teenage bedroom, practice piano, race to meet homework deadlines, and build (and burn) relationships, as you reminisce about the daily insecurities of high school life." Then, following a "fateful meeting", Mark and his pals must race against time to uncover a "hidden truth".

As for its Philippines inspiration, it's explained that the game uses landscapes based on the country. "From the heart of the bustling capital to long bus rides past grass fields and coast towns, explore the world of Until Then set in a fictional version of the Philippines. Interior spaces are shaped by the mannerisms of the locals, setting the scene for a recent past."

Along the way, you can form new relationships, scroll through in-game social media posts, and play a few "addictively mundane" minigames. Do you like the look of Until Then? Share your thoughts in the comments below.