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Square Enix is undergoing a restructuring process, and layoffs are already underway in the US and Europe as the firm "aggressively" prepares for a multiplatform push. Perhaps in response to feedback, the Japanese publisher has taken the opportunity to rename one of its premier development studios, the Naoki Yoshida-led division responsible for the mega-popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV and the recent single-player outing Final Fantasy XVI. Latching onto Roman numerals for dear life, Square Enix says the tragically bland Creative Business Unit III will henceforth be known as Creative Studio III.

The signature phoenix design remains in its logo, and the redesign features bold new text, possibly referencing Yoshida's approach to game design. In related news, Final Fantasy XIV servers recently sustained targeted DDoS attacks, impacting connectivity and preventing players from doing their daily quests. But in a more positive development, Yoshida says graphical enhancements being introduced alongside the upcoming Dawntrail expansion will finally put a spark in NPCs' dead, lifeless eyes.

What do you think of Square Enix's naming conventions? Do you think Creative Studio III has a certain ring, or do you prefer the OG? Let us know in the comments section below.