Develop: Brighton Sony

PlayStation's Shuhei Yoshida and Greg Rice will present the opening keynote at the Develop: Brighton gaming expo in July, it's been confirmed. A conference designed for game developers, the two indie experts will host the "Supporting Indies and Creativity in Game Development" keynote in Brighton, UK on 11th July 2024.

The description says: "The video game industry thrives on the creativity of thousands of independent developers helping to push the medium forward. Join industry legends Shuhei Yoshida and Greg Rice as they reflect on their combined decades of experience supporting game developers large and small to make their best work."

It then questions: "What makes a good game? What challenges and common mistakes are seen in development? How can we help support and nurture creativity in game development? Let's discuss all this and more!" There'll also be speakers from Surgent Studios, Remedy, Rocksteady, and Larian Studios throughout the three-day event. Attendance is primarily for game developers, but keynotes are uploaded to YouTube after the fact.

Yoshida said: "Develop:Brighton has been my go-to industry event in the UK. A gathering of great indie devs in Europe, and it's so easy to meet people you want to. Very excited to be back this year and looking forward to seeing you there."

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