Sony wants to enlist PS5 gamers to help their fellow players through sticky situations by soliciting gameplay clips via the Community Game Help feature, added in a firmware update a few weeks back. Now, the firm has released a dedicated trailer for the opt-in initiative, seeking more helpful souls to contribute.

Community Game Help aims to aid players in supporting games by using gameplay footage garnered from other players who have overcome a specific challenge or secured a particularly elusive Trophy. The fascinating aspect is that if you are interested, you don't have to do anything but check the associated box, and your PS5 will do the rest.

Sony says of Community Game Help: "If you ch"ose to contribute to Community Game Help, your gameplay at specific in-game moments will be automatically captured to show others successful strategies. You won’t need to manually capture, edit or upload these videos; simply opt-in, and your video can be selected and published as part of Community Game Help."

Will you gallantly use your pristine gameplay to help other gamers? Have you had a chance to use the Community Game Help feature, and if so, in which game? Let us know in the comments section below.