Sony Sets Sights on Ruling the Anime World 1

There’s no doubt about it: Sony is comfortably the biggest fish in the anime ocean these days. The company already owns media company Aniplex, streaming service Crunchyroll, and is involved in the production of many of the most popular series, like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Bocchi the Rock, and the more recent Wind Breaker.

But as part of a Corporate Strategy Meeting which occurred overnight, the Japanese giant announced plans to strengthen its stranglehold on the sector. It confirmed that it’s working on a new software platform named AnimeCanvas, which will speed up the production of content and help it to meet the fervent demand of fans.

The company also announced that it’s “exploring” the launch of an anime academy, which it intends to use to help nurture fledgling creators across the world. The company has big ambitions in the space, then, and seems hellbent on taking complete control of the market.