PS5 Game Time Tracker Broken
Image: Push Square

Look, it's likely that most PS5 users don't even care, but we think it's neat that the current-gen console offers up playtime statistics on demand. Or at least, it tries to. Ever since the PS5 launched, players have been pointing out weird inconsistencies with their tracked playtimes, and not too long ago, it was reported that an update to the tracking system had supposedly reset a lot of the stats.

In truth, no one really seems to know how the tracking works, and it somehow just got even more incomprehensible. Over the last 24 hours or so, players have been suggesting — on places like the PlayStation Reddit and Twitter (thanks PSLS) — that another background update has buggered everything up again. Some people are saying they've lost hundreds of tracked hours across various PS5 games, which we suppose is a bit of a kicker if you're into this kind of statistical geekery.

Luckily, we were checking our playtime stats just the other day out of sheer curiosity — and so we've gone and booted up our PS5 to see if there have been any weird adjustments since. As it turns out, most of our logged hours seem accurate enough, but a select few games have gone off the rails. What was once around 150 hours in Diablo 4 has inexplicably dropped to 30, while the PS4 version of Fallout 4 — which we had clocking in at a rather embarrassing 400 hours or so — has plummeted to 40.

Again, we don't know why this is happening or whether there's any specific pattern to it — there's a chance that it could even just be some kind of bug — but it does reinforce the idea that the PS5 playtime tracker isn't what you'd call... accurate.

Do you get much use out of the PS5's game time tracker? Commence your own investigation in the comments section below.

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