Sony Neil Druckmann Interview

Well, this Neil Druckmann saga just doesn't stop giving, does it? In case you missed out on the origin point of this whole thing, Sony featured an interview with the Naughty Dog boss on its official website last week. It contained a bunch of quotes that had people questioning the developer's tone, including a now infamous line about how the studio's next game will "redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming".

So outlandish were these quotes that Druckmann himself felt the need to clarify on social media. He claimed that in editing down his original, "rambling" comments, Sony had effectively misquoted him. Indeed, the aforementioned "redefine mainstream perceptions" line was never actually said by Druckmann — and was very much a case of an editor, or editing team, trying to get the message across in a succinct, and ultimately flawed, way.

Which brings us to the latest twist in this affair: Sony's gone and removed the interview from its website.

"In re-reviewing our recent interview with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann, we have found several significant errors and inaccuracies that don't represent his perspective and values (including topics such as animation, writing, technology, AI, and future projects)," reads a replacement post.

"We apologize to Neil for misrepresenting his words and for any negative impact this interview might have caused him and his team. In coordination with Naughty Dog and SIE, we have removed the interview."

It's been a fairly baffling chain of events, but the hope is that things have come full circle and everyone's happy again.

What have you made of this saga? Feel free to raise an eyebrow in the comments section below.