Smartphone Spin-Off Persona 5: The Phantom X May Launch Worldwide 1

Persona 5: The Phantom X, a smartphone spin-off of Atlus’ iconic RPG series, launched last month in China, Taiwan, and Korea – and it’s received an enormous marketing push to say the least. In addition to bus liveries, we’ve seen entire subway station takeovers here in Taipei – and there have been representatives handing out free goodies around the anime obsessed Ximen district, too.

Here are some random photos from around town:

As a result, publisher SEGA appears to be plotting a more widespread rollout of the release. As reported by Gematsu, in the firm’s latest financial report, it notes “further expansion of [the game] in Japan and global is under consideration”. In other words, this could end up launching worldwide.

The organisation wouldn’t comment on how well the title’s performing in the regions it’s already available in, simply stating that results are “as expected” so far. Nevertheless, if it’s considering a global expansion of the spin-off, then we suspect it must be seeing a decent return on its investment thus far.