Tomb Raider Redesign PlayStation

A reasonably compelling rumour is doing the rounds that suggests the next Tomb Raider game, in development at Crystal Dynamics and to be published by Amazon Games, will be an open world epic set in India. Traversal methods will be motorcycle and parachute, and it sounds like Lara's next adventure could be the most expansive yet.

That's according to thevscooper over on Twitter (thanks, PSU), who has a pretty good track record for such things (although primarily in the realm of films and TV); they allege that the game will take place in northern India, with the story following Lara's quest to uncover ruins and artefacts from the reign of King Ashoka.

In follow-up Tweets, thevscooper further alleges that the tale will occur after a natural disaster. In addition, Lara will need to contend with "The Society of Raiders", a group of competing treasure hunters supposedly inspired by but unaffiliated with Croft herself, with opposing ideals and agendas.

What do you think of this Tomb Raider rumour? Does it hold any water? Would you like to see Tomb Raider go open world? Let us know in the comments section below.

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