Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Release Date Rumour

First announced at The Game Awards back in December, we're still waiting on an official release date for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero — the spiritual successor to the well-liked Budokai Tenkaichi games. But going by a recent video from SergioM3R — who's datamined information on various Bandai Namco titles in the past — the PS5 brawler is targeting a 1st October launch.

The timing certainly seems to add up when you consider the game's marketing cycle. An October launch would mean roughly ten months of publicity, and we know that licensed anime titles are almost always announced and released within the space of 12 months, or thereabouts — often due to contractual agreements.

What's more, as a number of Dragon Ball fans have rightly pointed out, the old Budokai Tenkaichi titles — the original, 2, and 3 — all released in October in their respective years. It would make sense for Bandai Namco to continue the tradition with what is essentially the fourth installment.

Fortunately, we probably won't have to wait long to find out whether this leak is accurate. It seems highly likely that Sparking! Zero will be present at one of this summer's big gaming events — or even something like LA's Anime Expo in July. We'd be shocked if an official date doesn't drop soon.

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