Supertrick Games, the studio behind the undercooked multiplayer outing Deathverse: Let It Die (which was taken offline to be redeveloped last year), and the PS4 survival game Let It Die, has emerged to offer both progress updates and apologies, with the aid of some costuming.

In a new developer diary, director Hideyuki Shin claims that progress is going well and that this revamped Deathverse: Let It Die game, confusingly, will hop genres and feature a gameplay loop closer in practice to Let It Die. Shin says: "We're remaking Deathverse currently, and development is coming along nicely", before elaborating on the drastic changes planned for the game:

"To be specific, with Deathverse, we created a game centred around player-versus-player, but we felt many things could be improved. After considering those, we decided to make a game that, like Let It Die, has a clear gameplay loop you repeat many times but also lets you fight against other players. We're trying to take the fun parts from both games to make something new. In short, it'll be a roguelike exploration game featuring co-op and player-versus-player."

When asked what the ratio of this new game will look like, how much Let It Die will be added versus how much Deathverse: Let It Die will be removed, Shin explained: "As a ratio, I would say 7 to 3? Or 8 to 2? So Let it Die takes the larger portion."

What do you think of this whole Deathverse: Let It Die situation? Are you eager to see what the developer creates next? Let us know in the comments section below.