Following a short delay that pushed the console versions past the original PC launch, it has been confirmed INDIKA will release for PS5 later this week on 17th May 2024. An experience steeped in religious faith mixed with platforming and puzzle solving, the unusual game can be seen in action in the trailer above.

Since the game has been out on PC for a few weeks now, we already know going into the PS5 version it's going to be a fascinating undertaking. With a Metacritic rating of 79 from 29 reviews, GameInformer awarded an 8.75/10 and said: "Indika feels like a black comedy at points, and perhaps that’s the intent. It swings for the fences, and that delightful boldness is combined with poignant commentary about the struggle of maintaining unwavering faith in a harsh, unjust world. Indika’s engaging and, at times, emotional personal journey of self-discovery pulled me to a powerful conclusion that, like most everything else, leaves its interpretation up to the player."

Have you been waiting on the PS5 version to play INDIKA? Pray for a good port in the comments below.