Vanillaware New Game Fantasy RPG

Vanillaware, the supremely talented Japanese studio behind games like the recent Unicorn Overlord and 13 Sentinels, is gearing up for another project. The news comes via a simple social media post, in which the developer reveals that it's looking to fill a variety of roles related to a new "fantasy action RPG". We're already hyped.

Of course, Vanillaware is no stranger to the realm of fantasy — or action RPGs. Between Odin Sphere, Dragon's Crown, and the aforementioned Unicorn Overlord, the studio is perhaps best known for its fantastical adventures, which have always been sold through the team's trademark, painterly art style.

Vanillaware's been making top notch titles since the PS2 days, but you could argue that it reached new heights with 2020's 13 Sentinels, and, again, the much more recent Unicorn Overlord. As such, we're very much looking forward to the reveal of this next project.

Are you a Vanillaware fan? What do you want from the studio's new game? Set off on a visually stunning journey in the comments section below.

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