Random: Sony's Vision of Gaming's Future Includes a PS3 Boomerang Pad with a Screen 1
Image: Push Square

As part of its Corporate Strategy Meeting earlier today, Sony released a concept trailer designed to reflect its vision of the future. It’s worth noting that none of the hardware or ideas presented in the video represent real, in-development products – it’s more a clip designed to capture a “mood” or “feeling” that reflects where the Japanese giant wants to go.

As it transitions from electronics firm to entertainment organisation, the company has repeatedly reiterated its aim to deliver “kando” – the ability to stimulate or move people emotionally. It’s achieving this through its various divisions via the unification of technology and creativity: PlayStation, Sony Pictures, and Sony Music all embody “kando”, for example.

And this trailer gives a glimpse of how people may interact and play in the future. It shows futuristic 3D modelling, where characters come to life like holographics, and scenes that aren’t limited to a screen – but actually engulf you. It also showcases a futuristic game controller, which looks similar to the PS3’s infamous boomerang – albeit with a holographic screen above it.

As alluded to previously, none of these are real products – they’re intended to invoke a feeling and give a glimpse of where Sony is headed. Our takeaway is that the firm wants to empower creators with cutting edge technology, allowing said storytellers and artists to provide us with ground-breaking new content that breaks the boundaries of the entertainment medium.

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