Lando Norris fans will forever remember the 2024 Miami F1 Grand Prix for the likeable driver's first-ever racing win, but there was something else notable about the weekend's video promotions: a GTA 6-inspired clip used to advertise the weekend in general. Utilising the same song from the trailer of Love Is a Long Road by Tom Petty, the video emulates some of the camera shots and overall vibes of the only official GTA 6 footage we have. Catch the video below.

GTA 6 will take place in a fictional recreation of Miami called Vice City, so the crossover makes sense, as the clip begins to incorporate celebrities you all know and love like Kendall Jenner and Pharrell Williams. It then recreates shots from the trailer, incorporating HUD elements and visual designs.

Then, in GTA Online, the mode's weekly event was themed around its own F1 recreation with a bonus racing suit on offer. Will GTA 6 be out by the time the next Miami F1 race rolls around? Probably not, but we can always hold some hope of an early 2025 launch on PS5.