PS5, PS4 Mascot Brawler MultiVersus Is Completely Reinventing Its Monetisation 1

MultiVersus was huge when it initially launched in beta last year, but we firmly believe its bland Battle Pass was part of its undoing. The mascot brawler delivered one of the least exciting seasons we’ve ever experienced in a live service game, and its player count plummeted as a result. Fortunately, as the title prepares for its big re-launch on 28th May, developer Player First Games has been busy.

Firstly, it’s completely transforming its Battle Pass – and if you played the Open Beta, you’ll get access to the first season completely free, as long as you login before 11th June. Recently announced Friday the 13th villain Jason Voorhees will be the first reward of the new Battle Pass, so you’ll be able to add him to your roster without any charge, as long as you login before the abovementioned date.

Returning players will also get a Snow Suit Finn commemorative costume, a Rising Stars ring-out, and a Banana Guard announcer pack. And that’s not all: if you complete the new tutorial, you’ll trigger a seven-day reward calendar, which will conclude with a free Banana Guard unlock. You’ll also get the Lady Banana Guard outfit.

PS5, PS4 Mascot Brawler MultiVersus Is Completely Reinventing Its Monetisation 2

Back to the Battle Pass, the developer says it’s increased the quality of the rewards, and you’ll also earn enough Gleamium throughout each season to purchase the next one. This means, if you’re completing all your objectives, you’ll only need to pay for one Battle Pass and can unlock all subsequent ones for free – a fairly standard feature in releases like Fortnite.

Those who bought Founder’s Packs for MultiVersus last year will likely have Character Tokens and Battle Pass Tokens in their inventory; these can still be used. However, the developer will not be selling more of these, as it revises its currencies and overall monetisation. So, there will now be four currencies in the game as follows:

Earned in-game and used to unlock new characters.
Earned in-game and used to unlock perks.
Earned by acquiring cosmetics and used to unlock rare items.
Earned in-game and purchased with real-money to unlock Battle Passes, cosmetics, and more.
PS5, PS4 Mascot Brawler MultiVersus Is Completely Reinventing Its Monetisation 3

Gold currency, a feature of the original game, is being removed and any Gold you’ve previously earned will be converted into commemorative cosmetics. So that’s a lot of changes, but it seems like there’ll be plenty of ways to earn items through gameplay, with Gleamium the only currency potentially requiring real-money transactions.

Obviously, this is a free-to-play live service, so Player First Games needs some form of income to continue its development. We’ll need to wait for the final release to determine how fair the payouts are, and whether the Battle Pass actually progresses at pace this time – but it sounds like a lot of hard lessons have been learned from the beta, and we’re optimistic about all these improvements.