PS Plus Revenue Is on the Up Following 2022's Multi-Tiered Overhaul 1
Image: Push Square

PS Plus is back on the rise after a slightly rocky time following the service's big overhaul in 2022. As per Sony's latest financial results, the network services category — which comprises revenue from PS Plus and advertising — is up quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year, meaning it's comfortably improved since moving to the current three tier system.

In the fourth quarter of financial year 23, network services generated approximately $959 million of revenue, a marked improvement over FY22's Q4 (~$760.6 million). For FY23 as a whole, revenue for PS Plus and advertising reached roughly $3.5 billion, up quite significantly on FY22's total of $2.9 billion.

The numbers pretty much speak for themselves — PS Plus is in its strongest position since the overhaul. It's worth noting the price increase of the service, which saw all three tiers gain larger price tags last summer. Additionally, Sony stopped disclosing PS Plus subscriber numbers in 2022, so we don't know exactly how that figure looks for FY23. The last official number, from Q4 of FY22, is 47.4 million subs.

Sony's going to be pretty happy with this result, though, which will of course have contributed to its better year overall.

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