Need for Speed Unbound PS5

As confirmed when the game was added to PS Plus Extra earlier this year, Need for Speed Unbound is being supported for a second year, and the first free content drop inspired by a past entry will be available today on PS5. With the theme of "Drift & Drag", Need for Speed Underground fuels three new modes: Drift, Drag, and League. The content is added for free, then there's an optional Premium Speed Pass for extra body parts and decals.

In the new Drift mode, you'll be able to utilise a new handling system specially for drift builds. There'll also be specific Drift playlists for free roam and PvP. Then, in Drag, up to four players can test their "manual gear shifts, strategic lane changes to dodge obstacles, and perfectly timed nitrous boosts". League Mode is then designed to enhance the single player free-roaming experience, as you'll be able to challenge other racers to head-to-head battles.

"This feature also introduces a community challenge, requiring collective effort to unlock the final boss and claim a new custom," a press release reveals. "With rivals showing up regularly and with new leagues on the way, this is where strategy, skill, and community converge, pushing players to earn their place among street racing legends." The update also introduces two new cars: the BMW M3 Competition Touring '23 and the Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24.

After the Drift & Drag update, the Cops vs. Racers content drop arrives between August and October, inspired by Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. A fourth volume — as the developer puts it — is also planned for the end of 2024. The game is still available on PS Plus Extra, so you can sample the base game and its post-launch updates now.

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