Publisher Secret Mode and developer Cosmonaut Studios has just announced the long-awaited console port of its intriguing puzzle adventure, Eternal Threads. Initially announced for PS4 back in 2022, the game is now finally coming — with a PS5 version too — on 23rd May, 2024.

If you're unaware, Eternal Threads is a first-person adventure in which you must manipulate time and the choices of a selection of characters in order to prevent their demise in the future. Six people will die in a house fire in the north of England, and it's your job to go back in time and ensure that the disaster cannot occur.

You go back a week before the fire, and can pore over the events of that seven-day period as much as you want in your quest to save their lives. Your impact on the timeline is varied — some changes you make will result in some minor shifts, while larger ones may considerably change events or replace them with entirely different ones.

It's always sounded like a cool concept, and the reviews for the game on PC are largely very positive, so we're definitely interested in checking it out later this month. What do you think of Eternal Threads? Tell us in the comments section below.

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