MultiVersus Makes a Grand Return with Over 114,000 Concurrent Players on Steam 1

Player First Games seems to have successfully brought MultiVersus back, if its launch day player stats are anything to go by. After nearly a year of additional development to get the game in shape, it's now available once again, and it seems to have attracted most of its audience back for more.

Over on Steam, the free-to-play fighter managed to accumulate 114,515 concurrent players in the last 24 hours, which is nearly 75 per cent of its all-time peak of 153,433. That's a pretty healthy start for the game.

Of course that's just PC; it doesn't factor in those who are playing on PS5, PS4, and Xbox systems, so the total figure will be much higher. As with all live service titles, the number of concurrent players will fluctuate a lot over time, with spikes around big content updates.

Are you one of the people hopping back into MultiVersus after its time away, or are you coming to it fresh? Let us know in the comments section below.

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