Monster Hunter World PS4

The Monster Hunter franchise from Capcom continues to go from strength to strength as the publisher has announced the series has now sold over 100 million copies across its many entries. Fuelled by recent entries like World and Rise, it sits in prime position to capitalise on the series' growing popularity in the West with Monster Hunter Wilds launching in 2025.

Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter World remains the best-selling game in the series at over 25 million units sold, and since its 2018 release, the game has "consecutively sold over one million units each year". As for Monster Hunter Rise, it's sold more than 15 million copies while its Sunbreak expansion sits at eight million.

The publisher released some commemorative artwork to mark Monster Hunter Rise's updated sales numbers:

The post reads: "Monster Hunter Rise" has sold a total of 15 million copies, and "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" has sold 8 million copies! What's more, the series has now sold over 100 million copies! Thank you to all the hunters for your support! We hope you will continue to support the Monster Hunter series!"

Are you one of the 100+ million owners of a Monster Hunter game, and are you looking forward to Wild landing on PS5 in 2025? Share your support for the series in the comments below.