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Perhaps the most anticipated game of all time, and considering developer Rockstar's secretive nature, even the most minor GTA 6 morsels can send the series' legions of starving fans into a tizzy. Case in point: GTA 6 has been added to Rockstar's website database, with placeholders for four screenshots, cover art, and a release date appearing, and fans are frothing at the mouth. Apparently, it wasn't meant to go live just yet; Rockstar has since rolled these changes back.

Chronicled by the Twitter account GTA 6 Countdown (thanks, TheGamer), it alleges that while their front-end changes have been rolled back, the code accompanying the placeholders remains in the database, as well as references to digital purchases, possibly pre-orders. The account goes on to suggest that some kind of announcement could take place before Take-Two's investor conference call, scheduled for 16th May, although only time will tell.

Are you ready to see some fresh GTA 6 screenshots? Does the prospect of cover art get you out of bed in the morning? Let us know in the comments section below.

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