Black Myth: Wukong PS5 PlayStation

Game Science's imminent PS5 action game, Black Myth: Wukong, is out in August, and anticipation is rising for this Journey to the West-inspired adventure. We've seen quite a lot of enemy variety in trailer footage so far, and the game is the developer's first console outing; still, it's being claimed that the game might be more ambitious than we expected.

That's according to Lunatic Ignus, a prognosticator who has been making predictions on Twitter (thanks, Insider Gaming) and claims to have sources within the studio. Ignus reckons Black Myth will feature "around 160 enemy types" and "80+ bosses," further specifying that the game will have multiple endings and a New Game+ option at launch. "The game is slightly easier than soulsborne games", they added.

For comparison, our beloved Bloodborne boasts 66 enemy types, 17 regular bosses, and 21 Chalice Dungeono bosses (which include repeats and reskins), with another five being added in The Old Hunters DLC. If Ignus's information is accurate, that's an extremely ambitious effort from the developer, previously known for its work in the mobile game space.

What do you think of Ignus's prediction? What are your expectations of the game, and has it piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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