State of Play Reaction
Image: Push Square

The online reaction to Sony's latest State of Play broadcast has been fairly negative. The half-hour event featured 14 PS5 and PSVR2 titles, but outside of the wonderful-looking Astro Bot, the show struggled to wow its audience — especially off the back of heightened expectations surrounding a supposed 'PlayStation Showcase'.

This has resulted in floods of critical comments across social media and a tidal wave of dislikes on YouTube — the kind of stuff we've come to expect when a gaming event doesn't quite hit the mark. But even here on Push Square, where we tend to appeal to a crowd of hardcore PlayStation fans, the feedback has been quite brutal.

As is tradition, we hosted a poll straight after the State of Play, asking readers for their thoughts on the broadcast. Over 3,500 votes were cast, and the show has actually gone down as one of the worst that we can remember, with results clearly skewing towards negativity.

A whopping 50% of readers said that the presentation was 'poor', 'very poor', or outright 'terrible'. A further 26% said it was just 'okay', while the minority of 23% went with the more positive options. Again, we haven't seen a reaction like this since the Suicide Squad State of Play — and that thing got absolutely slaughtered back in February.

State of Play Ratings
Image: Push Square

Do you think this latest State of Play deserves such a backlash? Or are people taking things a bit too far? Confirm your own stance in the comments section below.

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