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Frontier Developments, the studio behind fine management sim series like Planet Zoo and F1 Manager, isn't looking to break the mould. The studio announced that it has three titles in this style currently in development, one of which has been confirmed to be a Jurrasic World game, with the developer inking a deal with Universal Products & Experience to licence the IP.

While the deal itself doesn't specifically refer to this new dino sim as the expected Jurassic World Evolution 3 (thanks, Eurogamer), considering the series is currently one of the strongest performers in Frontier's portfolio, it's hard to imagine it could be anything else. All Frontier has said about the project is that it will be another "creative management simulation", that it's one of three management sims currently in the works, and that the studio plans on releasing all of them in the next three consecutive years.

Are you a fan of Frontier's more cerebral style of gameplay? What do you think of another Jurassic World game coming down the pipeline? Don't let hubris lead to a din-disaster in the comments section below.

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