Samurai Shodown Rollback Netcode

It's taken almost five years, but Samurai Shodown finally has rollback netcode. The fighter released for PS4 in June 2019, and although it was well received in terms of gameplay mechanics and presentation (it still looks good today), there's no doubt that the game's overall popularity suffered due to its lack of smooth online play. Couple that sticky netcode with the global pandemic — which quickly put a stop to in-person tournaments — and Samurai Shodown was dealt a pretty rough hand.

Still, it's better late than never, and we're happy to see the title get updated with the netcode it deserves — or at least, we hope that's the case. Indeed, this rollback update was originally planned for spring 2023, but it was obviously hit with a heavy delay. SNK basically said that it wanted to get things right. and so rushing the patch simply wasn't an option.

Might you go back to Samurai Shodown now that the rollback update is here? Bring your sharpest blade to the comments section below.