Amid an ocean of somewhat samey looking shooters and Soulslikes, one game during today’s State of Play really stood out: Infinity Nikki from Infold Games. Effectively an open world anime dress-up game, the trailer showcased how you’ll use the power of photography and fashion to navigate a cutesy fantasy world named Miraland.

Each outfit will have unique abilities, whether it’s floating over obstacles or shrinking really small. “Change into different outfits to fish, catch bugs with a net, or collect wool from sheep,” producer Runhao Yao explains. “With an in-depth gathering system, the materials Nikki finds will eventually be used to craft outfits. Whether you’re in the meadow, frolicking among the flowers, or by the river, you can meet fascinating creatures!”

A beta test will launch later this year, so you’ll be able to experience the magic of Infinity Nikki’s gameplay for yourself. There’s no word on a full release date, but we assume that’ll follow in 2025.