Infinity Knights Xross

Heavily inspired by classic Japanese RPGs from the 90s, Infinity Knights: Xross is a newly announced adventure targeting a PS5 release in 2025 (pending a successful Kickstarter campaign, which isn't live just yet). Developed by three brothers from Australia — who unsurprisingly grew up playing those aforementioned classics — the twist is that you can play through Infinity Knights in couch co-op for up to three players. Something of a rarity these days.

"There always seemed to be a missing pixel game from our childhood that involved dynamically evolving and strategic, active combat, and we hope to bring that to our audiences through Infinity Knights: Xross," says developer Saxon Goodrick.

"We were inspired by titles such as Dark Cloud, Final Fantasy XI, and the Mana series to create something that combined the best parts of all our favorite games. We are genuinely excited to use our wealth of gaming experience to create a new, old-school RPG with the benefits of modern qualities of life," he continues.

Infinity Knights: Xross Screenshots

The game's promising "many playable characters", "many unique bosses", and "a different approach to difficulty and immersion". Oh, and Hiroki Kikuta of Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana fame is doing the music. We don't have any gameplay footage to go on right now, but we're sure that's coming in the near future.

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