Crytek has confirmed plans to end support for Hunt: Showdown on PS4 from 15th August 2024, at which point the title will only be playable on PS5 and the last-gen version taken offline. The move allows the developer to take advantage of an engine upgrade to Cryengine 5.11, and a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade will be offered to existing owners. The PS5 version of Hunt: Showdown is not out yet, so it's not clear whether the current-gen edition will go live prior to the move or on the aforementioned August date.

Along with the usual graphical and performance upgrades you'd expect from a PS4 to PS5 shift, there's also a new map coming alongside a fresh UI design and "much more". Extra details are shared in the developer update video above.

Between now and then, Crytek will share weekly updates with its community covering learnt lessons based on past events, details surrounding performance improvements, updates on the team's efforts to prevent cheating and toxic interactions, and changes to the progression system.