Hi-Fi Rush Director 'Emotional' As Xbox Shutters Acclaimed Tango Gameworks Team 1
Image: Push Square

A final update for Hi-Fi Rush released this week: a gift from developer Tango Gameworks before it closes its doors for good. The update fixes a selection of minor bugs on PS5, and will be the final title update, as Xbox has decided to shut down the decorated Japanese developer. The studio, founded by industry icon Shinji Mikami, released several acclaimed titles under parent company Bethesda’s banner, including The Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo.

“Absolute sadness to see this in writing,” creative director John Johanas said of the release’s last-ever update. “It’s been a week since the news but emotionally, an eternity. Even though it’s a small final update, we can look forward to the physical version being released. To everyone who supported us, you are all rockstars.”

Indeed, those who still want to show their support for Tango Gameworks and love of Hi-Fi Rush may consider purchasing a physical copy of the well-regarded rhythm action release through Limited Run Games. It’s perhaps a sign of the times that a major, tentpole Microsoft title is getting its long overdue retail run courtesy of a niche indie publisher after its developer has been shuttered, but this at least represents one last opportunity for a great team to go out on a high.

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