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Helldivers 2 players, in between liberally applying Freedom and Democracy to the bugs and bots, respectively, have been known to engage in some light meme-crafting, with developer Arrowhead often getting in on the game. One such case is that of Eagle Sweat, the most patriotic perfume in existence, which may or may not be coming to the game; either way, we've been blessed with an in-universe ad for the wondrous elixir.

As far as we can tell, an in-game commercial for Eagle Sweat began playing on Super Destroyers a while back, with the community slowly embracing the idea of bathing in the stuff. Arrowhead just posted it to Twitter, and already, the masses are clamouring for that sweet scent of Liber-tea.

Reputed to mask one's natural body odour from Terminids and guaranteed to make you a hit with any off-duty Eagle pilots, it has been a popular request for a future stratagem addition, however unlikely. Whether this is just an in-universe gaff or the developer tipping its hand remains to be seen. In either eventuality, we'll take two cases.

What do you think of Eagle Sweat and its subtle, Democratic scent? Do you believe the rumours that suggest Super Earth has taken to bottling and selling the sweat of our fearless Eagle pilots? Let us know in the comments section below.

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