Hades 2 PC 1

Hades II launched into early access on PC today, and based on outlets who had the opportunity to play the incomplete version ahead of time, the first-ever Supergiant Games sequel already dwarfs the original before it's even reached a 1.0 version. The game's Steam page says it straight up: "Hades II in Early Access already has more environments, foes, and fully-voiced characters than the full version of the original Hades game."

This huge expansion of the roguelike formula has drawn overwhelmingly positive reviews of the early access version, with many websites praising "one of the best early access releases ever". Awarding this current version a 9/10, IGN said: "Even in its early access state, Hades 2 is just about everything one could ask for in a sequel to one of the best roguelites of all time."

VGC adds: "The most exciting thing about Hades 2 so far is its scale. There is so much in the Early Access build that hints at what will come in the future, so many characters that aren’t fully explored yet, we’re already dying for another update."

On the Steam store page, Supergiant Games says Hades 2 will remain in early access until at least the end of 2024. Between now and then, the PC version will receive a "major update every few months" featuring new content. "We have been actively working on the game for more than three years already. For our Early Access launch, we wanted Hades II to be far enough along that as many players as possible could have a good experience right away, yet not far enough along that it's too late in development for us to act on the feedback we receive." The early access version is currently missing a final ending, a region, some HUD icons, and character art.

Given the fact the developer plans to remain in early access until at least the end of this year, a PS5 version won't be releasing until at least 2025. Console versions haven't been officially confirmed yet, but given the first game made its way to other platforms after its own early access phase, Hades II will almost certainly be ported to Sony consoles in time.

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