Godzilla Invades Dave the Diver with Free DLC on 23rd May 1

When it was announced Dave the Diver would finally come to PS5 and PS4, developer Mintrocket also unveiled a crossover DLC, bringing Godzilla to the game. Now, we have a release date for the add-on, as well as a few more details on what to expect.

The free Godzilla DLC arrives on 23rd May, and it brings a new quest line to Dave's diving/restaurant-managing adventure. As well as talking with G-Force about the beast winding up in the Blue Hole, you'll come face to face with the King of the Monsters himself as you explore underwater. Not only that, the DLC will offer up an encounter with another kaiju — Ebirah, horror of the deep.

If you're a fan of these enormous creatures, it seems like this will be a worthwhile trip back into Dave the Diver when it's available in just a few days. Will you be checking out this Godzilla DLC? Do a big roar in the comments section below.