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Following Deviation Games' closure and the mothballing of the high-profile PS5 game it was working on, it was unclear where the studio's storied talent would surface next. According to one former Deviation dev, many of the affected staff have formed a mysterious new studio at Sony, again working on an as-yet-unknown IP.

That's according to former Deviation dev Michael Anthony on LinkedIn, with the snippet noticed and posted to ResetEra. Anthony writes that: "Hey, I hear that a lot of previous Deviation Games employees have setup their own studio at Sony working on an undisclosed new IP. All the people I see working there that have signed up are top-class developers, and I hope that you can create a top-class new IP with your studio that hopefully gives you all the time you need to create a quality product and not have to deal with red tape from previous projects."

This tidbit builds upon a Tweet from Deviation's former community manager (thanks, Eurogamer), who said back in December that they were again working for Jason Blundell, of Call of Duty fame, and former director of Deviation Games.

What do you think Blundell and his coterie are up to in this secretive new Sony studio? Let us know in the comments section below.