Since being re-revealed a few weeks ago, MultiVersus has largely looked like the same game – with the exception of the Jokers’ addition. The good news, however, is that developer Player First Games has been cooking – and it’s finally ready to introduce an entire new mode: the free-to-play foray’s single player and co-op option, Rifts.

Rifts are effectively mini campaigns themed around a character which can be played solo or with friends. Many of these will involve combat encounters, but these will be differentiated by the inclusion of Mutators, which will make each battle feel fresh and unique. Other encounters will include minigames, like where you need to jump over a skipping rope or play volley ball.

New campaigns will be added over the course of MultiVersus’ lifespan, and as you progress through all of the available content, you’ll unlock Gems which can be used to augment your characters with different buffs. This will effectively allow you to build out your roster in ways that suit your personal playstyle, and with the addition of new Gems all the time, it should help keep gameplay feeling fresh.

So, there’s going to be a lot more to MultiVersus when it returns on 28th May than the competitive modes that were part of its previous release. It seems like a good enough reason to redownload the title and give it another go, because this all looks and sounds like a ton of fun to us.