Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun was a surprisingly solid shooter set in the grim, dark future of Game Workshop's evocative setting, and it's getting a suitably hefty expansion in the form of the Forges of Corruption DLC. Prepare to deliver the Emperor's justice from 18 June on PS5 and PS4.

Developer Auroch Digital's retro-inspired first-person shooter will see players deployed on an entirely new campaign spanning five new environments. Of course, such pits will be filled with heretics like the traitorous Black Legion, newly reinforced with Lightning Claw-armed Terminators and towering Helbrutes. Thankfully, the blessed Multi-Melta and Missile Launcher can now be requisitioned, perfect for cleansing the unclean enemy.

Additionally, free for all players is the inclusion of a new Horde Mode, which boasts four levels of difficulty and its own set of in-game achievements to chase. A navigation guide is also en route, which should make traversing the game's levels a little more forgiving.

Did you pick up Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun? Would you be up for more in the form of the Forges of Corruption DLC? Take a chainsword to the enemies of the Imperium in the comments section below.

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