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The boss of Level-5, the Japanese developer best known for family-friendly titles like Professor Layton, Ni no Kuni, and Yokai Watch, apparently has that dog in him, proclaiming his desire to develop both erotic and extremely violent games someday. CEO Akihiro Hino made the surprising admission during an interview with Denfaminico Gamer (thanks, IGN), mincing no words: "If I were to put it in extreme terms, I would go as far as to say that I want to make things like erotic games and 18+ games with violence."

Games in the Ni No Kuni series deal with some fairly dark themes, and the yokai in Yokai Watch are ghosts and demons from Japanese myth, but there's nothing in either that even comes close to deserving an adults-only rating. Hino seems to suggest he's interested in exploring something entirely different: "There’s an abnormal world inside of me, but I’m trying not to go there, only making things from the righteous part of my mind instead. However, deep down, I really want to visit that abnormal world."

Would you be up for violent and/or erotic games from Level-5? Dare to dream in the comments section below.

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