Dave the Diver PS5 PS4

The free Dave the Diver DLC themed around Godzilla releases for PS5 and PS4 today, but take note that you've only got so long to redeem it before the expansion is gone forever. Presumably related to licences tied to the monster, the DLC will be taken off the PS Store on 23rd November 2024. Those who claim the content will still be able to play it beyond that date, but anyone who doesn't won't be able to even redeem it at all.

An update on the game's Steam page confirms the situation: "Download will no longer be available after the distribution period." It also clarifies that if you redeem the DLC but then delete it after the expiration date, you can still download it again.

In all, Dave the Diver players have three new Godzilla-themed missions to look forward to, and they take place after chapter five. There are also new dishes to serve inspired by Godzilla and kaiju Ebirah, as well as Godzilla figurines to collect from the ocean. The DLC also comes with a number of feature updates and improvements, with a full list viewable through the link.

Along with the Godzilla expansion, there's also a Dredge-themed DLC available for free that launched at the same time as the PS5, PS4 version. Will you be diving the depths again in search of Godzilla? Let us know in the comments below.

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