Caravan Sandwitch PS5 PlayStation

Caravan SandWitch is a colourful, narrative adventure game set in a sci-fi world inspired by Provence. It was just announced and is planned for a release on PS5 sometime in 2024. The pitch sounds quite soothing: no combat, no death, just you, your van, and the world.

Players take on the role of a boy, presumably old enough to hold a driver's licence, undertaking a quest to find his missing sister. As you progress through the game, the van can be equipped with an array of essential tools, opening up new paths and allowing the traversal of treacherous terrain. Described as "a hopeful post-apocalypse, Caravan SandWitch is essentially the polar opposite of the car survival game, Pacific Drive, and has a gorgeous art style we can't wait to see more of.

What do you think of Caravan SandWitch? Can you drive stick? Get in your car and go to the comments section below.