After Concord's vague debut teaser, we now know much more about Sony's shooter for PS5 and PC. This sci-fi, team-based hero shooter brought to mind Overwatch with a twist of Destiny in the above gameplay video.

In this first-person shooter, two teams of five are pitted against each other in a variety of modes, taking control of various characters called Freegunners, each with their own skills and weapons. They make up the crew of the Northstar, which will be your hub between matches.

Writing on the PS Blog, developer Firewalk Studios says it's taken inspiration from its favourite fighting and strategy games, putting a heavy emphasis on gameplay that'll allow for improvisation and "asymmetry to the characters".

Each week when you log into the game, you'll be greeted with cinematic vignettes that progress the story of the Northstar crew, which is a nice touch to keep you invested. Concord will feature 16 playable characters at launch, but of course that's just the beginning, with lots of free post-launch updates on the way.

The game is scheduled to launch on 23rd August, 2024, but that won't be your first opportunity to play it. There will be an open beta test in July, and you'll be able to gain early access to it if you pre-order — which you can do starting 6th June.

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