Released last year on PC and Nintendo Switch, Spin Rhythm XD is a proper hidden gem. It'll be a little less hidden in just a matter of weeks, as it's heading to PS5 (with full PSVR2 support) and PS4 on 9th July 2024.

It's an arcadey rhythm action game with unique mechanics, a colourful aesthetic, and lots of great electronic music. You can either use the DualSense's sticks and buttons to control the wheel at the bottom of the screen, motion sensors, or utilise the touch pad instead. The main idea is to match the coloured notes with your wheel's colours, hitting the larger ones in time with the beat. More complex layers are added as you scale up the difficulty, and it feels incredibly good to play when you're in the flow. If you opt for the PSVR2 version, you can use the PSVR2 Sense controllers to play a more physical version of the game.

Artists on the tracklist you may be familiar with include Anamanaguchi, Teminite, Camellia, Hyper Potions, Lena Raine, and lots more. As well as playing solo, you can rise through the online leaderboards and play local multiplayer for four players.

This author's played this a fair bit on the ol' Switch, and would urge anyone interested in the genre to give it a go when it arrives later in the summer. Will you be checking out Spin Rhythm XD on PS5, PSVR2, and PS4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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