2024's best Metroidvania (so far) Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has taken a patch today on PS5, PS4 that bundles in two new boss-related modes and some quality-of-life updates to make fast travelling across its vast map far easier. If you beat the challenge posed in the Boss Rush mode, you'll unlock a new skin for Sargon based on the 2008 instalment.

Boss Rush tasks you with beating all eight main bosses from the base game in a row, with the chance to swap amulets and Athra Surges between them. A press release only talks of "keeping an eye" on your health and potions during the run, suggesting they may not be replenished between each fight. If you just want to battle a single boss, though, then the other Boss Revenge mode allows you to do so, and a leaderboard tracks your best attempts.

In addition, the base game has seen an improvement for its fast travel system, with Wak-Wak Trees now letting you freely teleport between them. Before the update, you'd need to use the limited Homa Statues to fast travel. Now, you can quickly reach so many more places a lot faster.

This is the second of four post-launch updates Ubisoft has planned for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, with the third one adding new combat, puzzle, and platforming challenges alongside new amulets and outfits. The last content drop will be a paid story-focused DLC arriving later in 2024. Will you be trying your best to overcome all of the game's boss fights in a row? Let us know in the comments below.