Announced during Sony's State of Play showcase, Ballad of Antara is a world-ending action RPG slated for PS5 in 2025. This free-to-play, brand-new IP from developer TipsWork Studio will strive to achieve the "highest fidelity" possible.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, studio head Yang Yang explained what players can expect from the game: "Ballad of Antara is an action RPG with multiple playable characters. These characters possess the power to traverse the two worlds of normalcy and unimaginable. We call them Emissaries. Each Emissary has its own unique class, gameplay capabilities, and enticing, mysterious story we want to tell. Finding and rallying these Emissaries across the world, strengthening your forces, and discovering the truth behind the calamity of this land are your primary goals in Ballad of Antara".

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